Do you want to do 100 things but in the end, you do half and bad things? Then you are not satisfied at all and with a bitter taste in your mouth you go to bed brooding.

Are you sure you focus on what really matters?

You know, sometimes you just need to do one thing and your day can be considered a success. Give it a go.

This extension will help you by reminding you that you have to do that precise thing every time you open an empty tab.


I needed a reminder of what was the most important thing to do. The best place for me is the empty browser tab. So I built an extension that allowed me to pin down the task I should have focused on.

Thus was born Fōkasu. I hope it will also be useful for you to take a step forward every day. About what really matters.


Do what matter

Don't try to do so many things and then accomplish none of them.